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With less than 2% of VC capital deals going to black tech founders, SRS through its BEAT commitment is changing the relationship landscape between the financial world and Black Tech Founders.


SRS seeks to build valued relationships with our equity funds as strategic partners. We understand there are unknown and unspoken nuances that will challenge most VC’s  when it comes to actually getting into a deal with a Black Tech Founder. Through these partnerships entrepreneurs' vision and creativity is cultivated through SRS simplistic approach and our partnering funds wanting to advance their passion and product on a global platform. 


SRS has overcome key challenges in knowing Black Tech Founders often solve different problems and have different solutions. Come from different surroundings with different resources. The culture and communication is generally different and the continuous threat of unconscious bias. Understanding there’s no universal experience for any group of people, our strength is navigating these communication gaps from start up to market

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