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Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Business and Financing Plans and Strategy

At, we want to take your business ideas and give them the foundation and capacity needed for capital funding sources to see the potential in their investment. We believe the best way to do this is by helping your business tell a story. If you need help securing startup funding, startup seeding, or a startup business loan to grow your business, let our team at tell your story to get you to the capital you need.    


Through our comprehensive plan, we give you the tools necessary to secure capital funding and equity funding opportunities that empower your business to grow. Our team at SRS Finance recognized a common struggle many of our clients face when trying to secure startup business loans or startup seeding—making their numbers tell a convincing story to prospective funders. That is why our team of highly-skilled experts has developed a plan to help our clients tell their story, equipping them with a targeted marketing plan and professionally prepared presentations that are essential to helping them get the capital funding they need.


Trust the SRS team to help you get the equity financing you need to grow your business. Our comprehensive process includes:

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  1. An in-depth analysis of your company. We begin by examining your company’s unique resources and market potential, as well as an examination of where your company is currently, where you are headed, and what vehicle will take you there. 

  2. Crafting the unique story of your company. We try to minimize concerns by giving your business a foundation that venture capitalists need to understand your company’s scalability and potential. We make sure that your business plan and prospective present your company look in the best light for potential funders. This step is significant in raising your chances of securing the capital funding you need. 

  3. Develop a targeted marketing plan. We don’t just tell your story—we help you create a go-to market strategy so that you can make a logical case for how your business meets and fulfills the primary market needs. Through this process, we don’t just help you secure the capital funding you need, we work with you to develop the plan that will take your business forward.  

  4. Prepare presentations and supporting materials. Though crafting your story is important, the way you present it is just as significant. This is why provides you with professionally prepared presentations and experienced presentation training so that you are empowered to tell your own story. We work with you to develop training that is tailored to your needs and skill sets so that you feel confident presenting your business to potential funders and securing the startup capital you need.  


Through this comprehensive plan, we skillfully build projections and plans for companies in all industries to help them secure the startup seeding or startup business loan they need. Our experts specialize in the industries of biotech, oil/mining, energy, technology, entertainment, and real estate. If you need help securing the capital funding needed to advance your business goals, our diverse team of professionals can help. At, we have capital and partnerships available and we want to work with you.   


Access to Diverse Capital Funding Pools


We know that securing venture capital for startups is difficult. Venture capitalists are known for being selective and hesitant to invest if they are unsure of a venture’s scalability, which can make securing startup seeding and startup funding difficult for new entrepreneurs. This is where can help you. 


Our team of highly-skilled professionals—with backgrounds in the practice of law, business development, municipal and corporate finance, executive management, branding, and marketing—is available to help you connect you with funding groups that are the best fit for your company. 


Through our long-standing and active relationships with a network of diverse funding sources, we know what projects and industries our partners are interested in and willing to invest capital funding in. Through these connections and insights, we can work with your business to help you look as viable as possible for potential funding sources and venture capitalists, helping you get the startup funding you need. 

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